2013 Kubota R420S

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Transmission Load Sensing Transmission
Displacement 91.4 cu.in.
Engine Kubota D1503-M-T-E3
Fuel Capacity 14.3 gal.
Rated Horsepower (SAEJ 1995 Gross) 41.2 @ 2,600 rpm
(SAEJ 1349 Net) 39.0 @ 2,600 rpm
Type of Engine Liquid cooled, 3-Cylinder Diesel
Service Brakes Enclosed, Self Adjusting Wet Disc
Tires 12.5/70-16 8-ply
Angle (of Articulation, Each Way) 40°
Breakout Force (Bucket) 6,550 lbs.
Bucket Capacities .50 cubic yards
Clearance (Circle, Loader) 23'10.6"
Digging Depth 2.6"
Dump angle (Fully Raised) 43°
Dump height 7'4.4"
Ground Clearance 11.3"
Height (to Hinge Pin) 9'2.7"
Operating Height 137.8"
Operating Load (w/Bucket) 1,925 lbs.; (w/Pallet Forks) 1,400 lbs.
Operating Weight 7,450 lbs.
Overall Height 98.8"
Overall Length (w/ Bucket & Weight) 165.8"
Overall Width (w/o Bucket) 59.8"
Reach (Fully Raised) 30.8"
Speeds (Number of) 1 Forward/ 1 Reverse
Tipping Load (Straight, SAE Rating) 4,585 lbs. w/bucket; 3,300 lbs. w/pallet forks
(Full Turn, SAE Rating) 3,850 lbs. w/bucket; 2,800 lbs. w/pallet forks
Weight (Counter) 1,500 lbs.
Wheelbase 69.9"
General Information
Dump Time (Bucket) 0.86 seconds
Frame (Oscillation, Each Way) 8°
Lower Time (Loader) 3.11 seconds
Parking Brake Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released Wet Disc
Raise Time (Loader) 4.24 seconds
Reservoir (Hydraulic, Fluid Refill) 11.1 gal.
ROPS (/FOPS) 2-Post Canopy
Standard Turbocharger; E-TVCS
Travel Speed 0 to 12.5 mph
0 to 3.1 mph w / Travel Speed Limiter On
Tread 46.5"
Flow (Auxiliary) 11.1 gpm front and rear
Hydraulic System (Fluid Refill) 15.9 gal.
Pump Rated Output (LST) 19.2 gpm @ 4,970 psi
(Main) 11.1 gpm @ 2,700 psi
(Charge) 4.5 gpm @ 285 psi



  • Articulation and Frame Oscillation - For greater stability and more comfort when operating on rough terrain, a unique center-type joint allows for 8° of frame oscillation and 40° of articulation in either direction. Plus, the heavy-duty components ensure long life operation.
  • Automatic Parking Brake - This safety feature automatically engages the parking brake whenever the engine is turned off. Particularly useful when our wheel loaders are parked on steep slopes or transported by truck.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics - With the hydraulic valve and the control lever built-in on both our models, you’ll save time and money whenever you need to hook up a hydraulically operated attachment.
  • Clean-Running Kubota Engine - Powerful and dependable, the R420S and R520S diesel engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA's 2008 interim Tier IV emissions regulations.
  • Electric Shuttle Shifting - Increase production with on-the-fly shifting. Mounted on the steering column, this timesaving, labor-reducing feature lets you shift from forward to reverse to forward without ever clutching or braking.
  • Exceptional Serviceability - From simple daily maintenance to more complex repairs, a lockable, wide-opening, flip-up engine cover provides easy access to most areas of the wheel loader’s engine.
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension Seat - Since every operator’s weight and ideal sitting position varies, we created a seat that easily adjusts to provide a high level of comfort to a wide range of drivers. Our seat adjusts according to the operator’s weight, plus has hip support and reclines. And, because safety is always a priority, there’s an enclosed, retractable safety belt.
  • Hanging-Style Foot Pedals - For increased foot space and a cleaner floorboard appearance, our wheel loaders are equipped with hanging-style foot pedals.
  • Highest Dumping Clearance - For easy dumping, even into trucks with high beds, the Kubota R420S and R520S have the highest dumping clearance in their class.
  • Limited Slip Differential - Kubota’s 4-wheel drive lets you outmuscle challenging terrain, such as mud, sand, and snow. When loose or soft terrain causes one front wheel to lose its grip, the Limited Slip Differential transfers that wheel’s power to the opposite wheel to restore traction.
  • Load Sensing Transmission (LST) - To operate more efficiently, this innovative feature enables our wheel loaders to automatically shift from high speed/low torque to low speed/high torque as load conditions vary. For optimal operation in tight spaces, the travel speed limiter reduces maximum travel speed with just a touch of a button, while maintaining full performance of the auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Lower Sound and Vibration - To enhance operator comfort, both models utilize a new engine mount design, a helical gear, and an F-shaped fan to significantly reduce overall noise and vibration.
  • Rear Attachment Capability - Unlike most of our competitors, the Kubota R420S and R520S offer greater versatility with auxiliary hydraulics plumbed to both front and rear, enabling you to attach a backhoe whenever your job demands it.
  • ROPS/FOPS Cab and Canopy - You’ll work confidently and with peace of mind knowing you’re protected by our Roll-Over Protective Structure and Falling Object Protective Structure. Forged and attached at the Kubota factory, both the ROPS and the FOPS meet the applicable, ISO, SAE, and OSHA standards.
  • Safety Starting System - To prevent mishaps, our Safety Start System will not allow the engine to start until the electric shuttle shift is in neutral and the parking brake is applied.
  • Superior Lifting Capacity - A strong feature that provides smooth lifting and dumping of heavy loads into truck beds.
  • Ultra-Comfortable Cab - Your job is tough enough-your cab environment shouldn’t be. With this mindset, we focused our efforts on creating a cab that maintains your peak performance all day long. The result? A factory cab that offers a clear field of view, a fully adjustable suspension seat, a vent system with heater, low sound, minimal vibration, and more.
  • Versatile 60A Alternator - For the ultimate in versatility, a 60A alternator provides ample power for the rotating safety lights (optional), as well as the cabin lights of either model.

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2013 Kubota R420S